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All the classes that we do are fitness orientated. Please ensure that you read the following details about the classes to ensure that you pick the correct one that suits you.


Pole Dancing Lessons

1. Pole Dancing Fitness- run every evening

2. Pole Conditioning Class- Once a week

3. Private Pole Dancing lesson

4.Private group lesson


1. Pole Dancing Fitness Pole Dancing fitness classes run every evening and Saturday mornings. In this class for the first 20minuites we use the pole as a fitness aid to help increase your core and upper body strength and flexibility. For the second part of the class we teach you spins, transitions, tricks depending on your level. These classes are great for beginners. Please ensure that if you have not done Pole Dancing before that you book into a Beginners Class.


2. Pole Conditioning Class This class is great for weight loss, increasing strength and flexibility and for toning. In this class we just focus on the Pole Fitness side. We use the pole as a fitness aid to really enable you to become a better more confident Pole Dancer. This class is a great addional class to take along with the Pole Dancing Fitness Classes. This class is £6 and is taught by a fitness professional who trains with the Welsh Olympic team.


3 & 4. Private Pole Dancing lesson- if you are not sure about attending a class then a private lesson is a great way to begin. The private lesson is £30- you can do a private lesson with a friend or a group.




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